Styled Creative: very cool, very pretty

I'm fairly mad for these photos of Beka Rendell and Kimberly Fink, taken by Mike Smith of Ash Imagery. Beka and Kim, formerly known as Innove Events, recently introduced their updated name/site, along with a new space on Arch Street in Old City. These talented creatures are way too cute together, yes?Visit them at

Let me tell you, aside from being remarkably photogenic, that Beka can wear some lashes, and it was particularly fun to do dramatic, deep blue/black eyes on Kimberly, who is usually so fresh-faced and adorable.

Megan Kristel and I just got "Ashed" as well. Mike put up with our irreverent banter long enough to get a photo for our upcoming press release in relation to the opening of our new studio in Ardmore on September 23rd. Go here for more info and to RSVP.