Shoot with Jenna Stamm: Pretty Macabre

Funny how these test shoots come about.  First, I have an urge to do a doll-like face - photographer Jenna Stamm, as usual, is up for it. Next, I meet Marilyn Cohen, who creates unique, statement jewelry from all sorts of vintage pieces (and is ensconsed at the Van Cleve Collection every weekend).  She is willing to loan us some of her stuff.

I find myself in a Goodwill store in Amsterdam, NY (if you know where that is, you get a special prize) and purchase a velvet jacket with organza inserts.  Although it probably came from an unfortunate two-piece outfit that got up and went to a prom, it will work rather perfectly for my vision.

Mike Rossmark is in for hair....hooray!

Finally, we take on the macabre (love the word so much I'm using it twice) and spectacular work of Beth Beverly of Diamond Tooth Taxidermy.

The best part was that our original model for the shoot didn't show up.  But M.G. at Reinhard Agency came to the rescue and in walked the perfectly beautiful creature, Priscilla, who couldn't have been better if we built her from scratch.

Here's what we came up with ....