Beautiful Bride-to-be: Rachel Fendell

More blog-worthy engagement photos, this time of lovely Rachel Fendell and her fiancé Jonathan Satinsky who will be married on March 24th.  This pre-marital bliss was captured by the one and only Alison Conklin.

Love the dreamy quality of these pictures, and Rachel's sparkling eyes.  Plus, you've got to love the enthusiasm for rainy day shoots, which, as you can see, really paid off.

What's even more fun about this is that Rachel is good friends with Stacey Cutler, the bride-to-be featured in my previous post.  The two met through through mutual friends and have, according to Rachel, "been gabbing about our weddings for months."  She refers to Stacey as "the Philly wedding expert."

And if that's not enough in common, Rachel and Stacey are both marrying a Jonathan.  Now that takes some planning!