Beautiful Bride: Liza Fischer

Ah, Liza Fischer, now Vecchio, where do I begin?  Bride-to-be, spitfire on wheels.... and dare I say "potty mouth?"  A girl after my own heart.

Liza didn't have the best arrangement for a place to get ready for her wedding at Artesano Iron  Works, and since my studio lends itself well to a party, I suggested that she bring her group to my place.  That was a relief to her super wedding planner, Angela Malicki, another larger than life personality (I knew they were made for each other).  Also a coincidence, perhaps, that her photographer Scott Lewis, the Carravagio of wedding photographers, as I like to call him, had his office right across the hall from me (he was a delightful neighbor).

As you can see from the photos  below, we had a rockin' good time, and to make it even better, my pal Amanda D'Andrea was there to work her hair magic.  What you can't see, or should I say, what you didn't hear, was Liza's rather saucy response when she saw her make-up for the first time.  I won't repeat it here, but I will say it went something (exactly) like, "I &%# love it."  And I love her....