Beautiful Bride: Emily Ciliberto

"Spunky glamour on wheels" - that is the way I would describe Emily, who married Jamie in November.  Photographer Daniel Moyer had a field day with the colorful backdrop that characterizes the Hotel Monaco in downtown Philadelphia.  Here are just a few  of those photos that delighted me.

Emily came to me as a daily wearer of false eyelashes, so she was used to a bit of cosmetic magic.   Because of her already perfect skin,  I was able to do maximum eye and still keep it looking real.

I was particularly moved by Jamie's expression when he first saw Emily - happy tears of "first look" love.  And any bride who checks her make-up in the side mirror of a moped is a goddess to me.

Hair by my pal Amanda D'Andrea, Monique Lhullier dress from The Wedding Shoppe in Wayne, florals by Beautiful Blooms.

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Beautiful Bride: Caitlin Keys Pemberton

I had the pleasure of getting the beautiful and photogenic Caitlin Keys ready for her May wedding at the Merion Cricket Club, as seen through the lens of photographer David Campli.

The black and white photos of this venue, in particular, have a classic, old Hollywood quality that will be a pleasure to look at for Caitlin and her new husband Sam Pemberton for years to come.  And how elegant is the long dining table pictured below?  Need to see more of those at receptions.

Caitlin's exquisite lace dress was a Monique Lhuillier purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue Bridal Salon in New York.  I was in love with this one and it fit her like a white kid glove.  She looked utterly regal and like any good monarch, she was calm and serene throughout the preparations.

Hair by Allison for Amanda D'Andrea, flowers by Kristin's Wildflowers.

Thank you, Caitlin and Sam - wishing you happiness!

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Beautiful Bride: Leanna Lucente Laming

I'm kind of speechless about these photos by Kevin York of recent bride Leanna Lucente.  All the elements of a fairytale wedding were in place.  Gorgeous, sweet bride - check.  Equally gorgeous family - check.  Dashing groom Simon with a cute New Zealand accent - check.  Venue from the gods (Cairnwood) adorned with beautiful florals by Fleur De Lis - check, warm and wonderful fall day - check.

I am prone to gushing when I'm done with a make-up application, and when I do, the bride usually says something nice, like "it's all your work."  My response: "Thank God and your parents."  Could not be more apropos in this case.  Leanna's mother Lydia is movie star beautiful and her father (yes, a doctor) has the boyish blond haired, blue eyed good looks of, oh, I don't know... Robert Redford.  Younger sister Lauren is no exception to the strong Lucente Way Too Good Looking DNA.  To top it off, they are all absolutely darling people.

I told Kevin that I would hunt him down "like a dog" to get these photos.  (Fun Fact: Kevin was the first photographer I worked with in the Philadelphia area).  Consummate pro that he is, he graciously let me have these.

What I love most about Kevin's work is that he went out of his way to capture the bride in portrait.  I can't tell you how many wedding photos I see, and all too often, a portrait of the bride is simply missing.  It's a shame to overlook, after all that preparation and fussing over the dress, the hair, the make-up.  From Kevin:

"Thank you, Béke, so much for the kind words about my work. I also was overwhelmed by how stunningly beautiful the Lucente ladies are. Make-up is so important, and I appreciate that you understand the one of the elements of a wedding day that is so important me, that is, time!  Your work is outstanding and your reputation is second to none."

Wow....thanks Kevin!  And many thanks to Leanna and her family for asking me to be a part of Team Lucente.

Leanna & Simon Wedding 10/13/12 at The Carinwood Mansion Capture2 Flowers1

Beautiful Bride: Jennifer Lamberton Fox

Jennifer Lamberton married Michael Fox last April at the Curtis Center in Philadelphia.  Jennifer is a natural beauty with great taste and a loving family and  friends - I think photographer Joe Craig captured all of the magic of the moment and then some.

Rebecca Richman of Queen of Hearts was the wedding planner on this one - this means that the day went perfectly.

I was blown away by these photos.....many happy memories, Jennifer and Michael!

Beautiful Bride: Lauren Burtch

The fun part of being a make-up artist - because believe me, it's mostly all work and no play - is working with brides and their families.  Such is the case with the lovely Lauren Burtch.  I got to know Lauren's mother Bobbie before the wedding, because she came to me for a make-up lesson.

Lauren married Bill on Memorial Day Weekend at Greenville Country Club in Delaware.  What a spectacular day (perfect weather), all captured by Kate Callahan .

I must say that I was very moved by Lauren’s reaction to seeing her make-up for the fist time, and I’m glad Kate caught it.

See all the photos on Kate Callahan's blog ...









Beautiful Bride: Megan Ronning

I do fall in love with each and every one of my brides, and Megan Ronning (now Doyle) is no exception.  I also lost my heart to her mom, Kathy,who is about as darling as a woman can get.

Megan married Christopher last September (okay, so I'm a bit late on this post) at Old Saint Mary's Church in Center City, followed by a reception at Appleford Estate in Villanova.  Megan was every bit the classically elegant bride; her timeless style is captured by Sarah DiCicco, who has a way of making every wedding she shoots look like a spread out of Town & Country.  The one shoulder gown was breathtaking.

Megan's delicate hairstyle by my talented friend Amanda D'Andrea, her eye-popping floral by my other talented friend Margaux St. Ledger of Fleur De Lis.  That pretty cake and the catering was courtesy of Jeffrey Miller.

Megan, you are a dear, dear person and I wish you and Christopher the best!

Beautiful Bride: Liza Fischer

Ah, Liza Fischer, now Vecchio, where do I begin?  Bride-to-be, spitfire on wheels.... and dare I say "potty mouth?"  A girl after my own heart.

Liza didn't have the best arrangement for a place to get ready for her wedding at Artesano Iron  Works, and since my studio lends itself well to a party, I suggested that she bring her group to my place.  That was a relief to her super wedding planner, Angela Malicki, another larger than life personality (I knew they were made for each other).  Also a coincidence, perhaps, that her photographer Scott Lewis, the Carravagio of wedding photographers, as I like to call him, had his office right across the hall from me (he was a delightful neighbor).

As you can see from the photos  below, we had a rockin' good time, and to make it even better, my pal Amanda D'Andrea was there to work her hair magic.  What you can't see, or should I say, what you didn't hear, was Liza's rather saucy response when she saw her make-up for the first time.  I won't repeat it here, but I will say it went something (exactly) like, "I &%# love it."  And I love her....

Beautiful Bride: Tiffany Bistocchi

Meet Tiffany Bistocchi, a  high-style bride with skin as smooth as silk.  She married her fiancé Michael Murphy on July 30th at Knowlton Mansion.

When I saw the magical pictures taken by Erin Moulden (she came all the way from Arkansas) my heart melted, because lo and behold, Tiffany not only had a pressed powder on hand for touch-ups, but the proof is in the photos - she used it, and looked oh so elegant while doing so.  And check out the gorgeous dress.

Speaking of gorgeous, Amanda D'Andrea knocked it out of the park with Tiffany's hair..this chic style just blew me away.

You are my idol, Tiffany!









Beautiful Bride-to-be: Rachel Fendell

More blog-worthy engagement photos, this time of lovely Rachel Fendell and her fiancé Jonathan Satinsky who will be married on March 24th.  This pre-marital bliss was captured by the one and only Alison Conklin.

Love the dreamy quality of these pictures, and Rachel's sparkling eyes.  Plus, you've got to love the enthusiasm for rainy day shoots, which, as you can see, really paid off.

What's even more fun about this is that Rachel is good friends with Stacey Cutler, the bride-to-be featured in my previous post.  The two met through through mutual friends and have, according to Rachel, "been gabbing about our weddings for months."  She refers to Stacey as "the Philly wedding expert."

And if that's not enough in common, Rachel and Stacey are both marrying a Jonathan.  Now that takes some planning!