Fox29's Jennaphr Frederick pays a visit to my studio

On November 12th, the feisty and hilarious Jennaphr Frederick of Fox29's Good Day stopped by the studio to help me promote my recycling event and to get my opinion on make-up (uh oh) - the necessary and the not-so-necessary.

We also had a special guest with us, Bryan Barron, who was in town promoting the latest edition of "Don't Go to the Beauty Counter Without Me," a book he co-authors with Paula Begoun ("The Cosmetics Cop").   Bryan talked with Jennaphr about beauty "dupes," that is, inexpensive products that can be substituted for wicked expensive ones.  So that's good.

I always tell my clients and  workshop participants about Beautypedia, the online version of the book - it's a much more comprehensive and current resource for thousands of products reviews.  Begoun's research team base their reviews on claims made by the manufacturers, about efficacy, for example, and the ability to turn you into Jennifer Lopez.

Video of my two spots coming soon.....

Bryan Barron, moi, Jennaphr the Great

A Good Day with Fox29's Jennaphr Frederick

On May 9th, Fox29's spunky Jennaphr Frederick and crew visited my studio to help Good Day morning show viewers learn how to avoid common make-up mistakes.  We had a brilliant time together (Kerry Barrett was on air - I had done her make-up for a headshot a couple of years ago), and the segment turned out to be a great tutorial lash curling and applying DMK Foundation/Concealer (available at the studio).  Watch the video here....