Best Make-up Service, 2015
— Philadelphia Magazine
Your lesson has completely revolutionized the way I see and use make-up. It has cut my application time to 10 minutes, streamlining my day immensely. I’m confident that my make-up is enhancing how I look and I’m no longer on the endless search for the perfect (useless) product. All I can say is ‘wow.’ And thank you.
— Elissa C.
“The real beauty of the lesson is that it continues every day. I do my makeup happily and quickly every morning and feel so good....”
— Virginia M.

Women come to Beke feeling overwhelmed by the unlimited choices they face when purchasing make-up. Her private makeup lessons impart refreshingly unbiased and straightforward advice without the intimidation common at most beauty counters.  

More than just a sell, the lesson is about becoming a smart beauty shopper. Clients learn to recognize cosmetic hype and to avoid spending a fortune on make-up trends that don’t work for the average woman.

Makeup Audit & Lesson, 90 minutes

By appointment only.