Beautiful Bride: Leanna Lucente Laming

I'm kind of speechless about these photos by Kevin York of recent bride Leanna Lucente.  All the elements of a fairytale wedding were in place.  Gorgeous, sweet bride - check.  Equally gorgeous family - check.  Dashing groom Simon with a cute New Zealand accent - check.  Venue from the gods (Cairnwood) adorned with beautiful florals by Fleur De Lis - check, warm and wonderful fall day - check.

I am prone to gushing when I'm done with a make-up application, and when I do, the bride usually says something nice, like "it's all your work."  My response: "Thank God and your parents."  Could not be more apropos in this case.  Leanna's mother Lydia is movie star beautiful and her father (yes, a doctor) has the boyish blond haired, blue eyed good looks of, oh, I don't know... Robert Redford.  Younger sister Lauren is no exception to the strong Lucente Way Too Good Looking DNA.  To top it off, they are all absolutely darling people.

I told Kevin that I would hunt him down "like a dog" to get these photos.  (Fun Fact: Kevin was the first photographer I worked with in the Philadelphia area).  Consummate pro that he is, he graciously let me have these.

What I love most about Kevin's work is that he went out of his way to capture the bride in portrait.  I can't tell you how many wedding photos I see, and all too often, a portrait of the bride is simply missing.  It's a shame to overlook, after all that preparation and fussing over the dress, the hair, the make-up.  From Kevin:

"Thank you, Béke, so much for the kind words about my work. I also was overwhelmed by how stunningly beautiful the Lucente ladies are. Make-up is so important, and I appreciate that you understand the one of the elements of a wedding day that is so important me, that is, time!  Your work is outstanding and your reputation is second to none."

Wow....thanks Kevin!  And many thanks to Leanna and her family for asking me to be a part of Team Lucente.

Leanna & Simon Wedding 10/13/12 at The Carinwood Mansion Capture2 Flowers1