Fox29's Jennaphr Frederick pays a visit to my studio

On November 12th, the feisty and hilarious Jennaphr Frederick of Fox29's Good Day stopped by the studio to help me promote my recycling event and to get my opinion on make-up (uh oh) - the necessary and the not-so-necessary.

We also had a special guest with us, Bryan Barron, who was in town promoting the latest edition of "Don't Go to the Beauty Counter Without Me," a book he co-authors with Paula Begoun ("The Cosmetics Cop").   Bryan talked with Jennaphr about beauty "dupes," that is, inexpensive products that can be substituted for wicked expensive ones.  So that's good.

I always tell my clients and  workshop participants about Beautypedia, the online version of the book - it's a much more comprehensive and current resource for thousands of products reviews.  Begoun's research team base their reviews on claims made by the manufacturers, about efficacy, for example, and the ability to turn you into Jennifer Lopez.

Video of my two spots coming soon.....

Bryan Barron, moi, Jennaphr the Great

Brides, grooms and puppy love ...

In honor of Valentine's Day, I give you photos of my brides, some of whom are with their grooms, but all of whom are showing the love to their four-legged friends on their wedding day.

I would delight in having a dog, but we've recently become a three cat household, so that ship has sailed for the time being.  Instead, I live vicariously through the loving person/canine relationships of others, and always want to know if my clients have pets, what their names are, etc.

With love for creatures great and small, Happy Valentine's Day!

Sarah DiCicco

Jen Woodruff

Photo: Jauhien Sasnou

CWR Photography

Jennifer Boyle Photography

Celebrity Client: Ali Larter

A few weeks ago, I worked with actress Ali Larter.  She was in town to appear on QVC's In the Kitchen with David, to promote her new cookbook Kitchen Revelry.  The book came out of her love of food and entertaining, and even a gluten-free vegetarian like me found good things to try as I flipped through her galley proof.   (She also turned me on to St. Germain, an elderflower liqueur that's great with champagne - I'm so there....).

I first saw Ali in one of my all time favorite chick flicks, "Legally Blonde."  But she's known more now for her work on the TV series "Heroes," and you'll see her in a new series soon called "Legends."

Caught her on Instagram, of course..... beautiful skin, golden tones and individual lashes on eyes, and a pinked lip (Jane Iredale Lip Fixation in Fascination) that would go well with her happy orange dress....


My 2013 prom "do"

Just like last year, I have an outstanding example of a prom "do" (versus a don't, and we all know what that might look like).

Elizabeth is a senior at Agnes Irwin School.  She designed her own dress and it was put together for her by the talented tailors at SewRob in Wynnewood.  She'll be attending Washington and Lee University in Virginia this fall, and playing for their volleyball team.  Elizabeth is a lovely young woman who was happy with the fresh make-up and unfussy hair I designed for her.

Congratulations to Elizabeth and to mom Alexis for producing such a beautiful daughter!


A Good Day with Fox29's Jennaphr Frederick

On May 9th, Fox29's spunky Jennaphr Frederick and crew visited my studio to help Good Day morning show viewers learn how to avoid common make-up mistakes.  We had a brilliant time together (Kerry Barrett was on air - I had done her make-up for a headshot a couple of years ago), and the segment turned out to be a great tutorial lash curling and applying DMK Foundation/Concealer (available at the studio).  Watch the video here....

Shoot for Hush Salon Philadelphia

I've raved about Hush Salon before on this blog....see my 2009 post.  Carlos and his wife Adrienne just get the whole hair thing perfectly right, and they have a talented team of stylists to show for it. Carlos wanted some new shots for the salon, and of course I jumped at the chance to help out.  He manipulated Gosia's versatile cropped cut a bazillion different ways (a look I'd love for myself, but unfortunately, I have crazy hair on fire).   See more shots here on the Hush site.

Photo by the fearsome, dog-loving and Ducati-riding  Robert Little.

My photo published in the New York Times: do I keep my day job?

Wedding photographers beware: apparently the New York Times found my photography skills acceptable and agreed to publish my work.

Okay, here's what really happened in New York City in February of 2003: I took a picture of Alison after she came to see me for her trial run, and she liked it so much that she submitted it with her engagement notice.

Here's the original:


If any of you photographers want the details on my equipment and lighting technique (!) ... let me know.... 

Society of Professional Women know what not to wear to work...

I'm a big fan of TLC's "What Not to Wear." So when Eileen Connelly-Robbins and team from the Main Line Chamber of Commerce's Society of Professional Women suggested doing an event patterned after the hit makeover show, instead of looking at them funny, dear friend and image consultant Megan Kristel ( and I said "okay." Thus began the months of work it took to coordinate the event that was held on May 13th at the Radisson Valley Forge. Job One was to round out the make-over team by finding our Nick Arrojo in the dashing hair stylist Vann Ou from Bubbles Salon. The moment I walked into the joint, I could tell that Vann, who manages Bubbles in Bryn Mawr and now in Rittenhouse Square, was the "Nick" we were looking for...

The entire event, from "before" to "after," was chronicled by David Campli (Campli Photography) and Dave Williams (MediaWave Productions). David C. told the story in photographs, and Dave W. produced the three videos you see below. (Fun Fact: I did the voice-overs for the videos, and also contributed one of my original songs - from another life - for the background music).

The SPW team (special thanks to Ashley Miller) identified our three make-over winners, all Chamber members and either self-nominated or nominated by friends or colleagues:

- Susan Graham is a Marketing Manager for Bryn Mawr Hospital, and the mother of two little kiddles. In light of her work and personal load, she has a remarkably good sense of humor...

- Paula Kielich is the President of Pals for Life, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing companion animal programs to the handicapped, elderly and mentally-impaired. A feisty little lady with beautiful eyes and skin...

- Lori O'Leary is the Executive Director of MusicWorks, a music therapy program started by her husband, musician and therapist Jerry O'Leary. She is the dearest person, with the most enviable bone structure...

Megan Kristel, who is very simply the best at what she does, invaded the closets of each winner, found clothes with hidden potential, then took each of the ladies shopping at Elizabeth Maar Boutique in Haverford to find pieces that would pull their looks together - many thanks to owner Nellie and super saleswoman Joyce for their help. The story continued at Bubbles Salon, where Vann and I tag-teamed our new friends into top form:

Susan: [vimeo]

Paula: [vimeo]

Lori: [vimeo]

The event benefited my favorite local charity, Main Line Animal Rescue, and the organization's fearless and inspirational leader Bill Smith talked about their fight to stop puppy mills. I mean, the man got Oprah to pay attention, so enough said. (Fun Fact #2: our little girl cat, Lana Turner, came from MLAR, and it's taking all of my powers of self-control to stop myself from inserting a picture of her here.)

And here are the "afters:"

Call us "crazy," but in spite of the logistical challenges involved, Megan and I agreed that we would actually do this again! Many thanks to all involved...